Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why this blog

This blog is to spread ideas, and help promote alternative political views.  There are thousands of blogs, and thousands of them are all the same as each other.  Another "progressive" blog.  Another "anti-racist" blog".  Another "Conservative" blog.  Most peoples views conform to a particular ideology, and if you know the basics of the ideology, you can predict what they'll write each and every time.

After much deliberation with myself, I've decided to categorise this as an Alt-Left blog.  I've been politically active for some time, and blogged and written articles under pseudonyms for many years, and worked with, debated with and conversed with many political niches of which I'm partially sympathetic to.  However, I was never 100% comfortable with them.  While I admire much of what the Alt-Right do and their new-found vigour, there is a pro-Capitalist, pro-Free Market, Conservative aspect I don't agree with.  Neoreactionaries I find largely objectionable.  While I'm sympathetic to Nationalists and to some so called "far Right" parties, they also tend to revert to a traditionalism I'm not fond of and there are often obtuse, crude and obnoxious elements that are tolerated where they shouldn't be.  While I'm sympathetic to the anti-Capitalist Left, the Occupy Movement and even some Socialists (not the Trotskyites), their love of mass immigration and insistence that we take in all the immigrants we can is a deal breaker.  Whichever political niche I looked at, I was only ever 2/3 to 3/4 with it, and 1/4 somewhere else.  What is a person who has both "Right Wing" and "Left Wing" views to do?  What is a person who agree with PEGIDA about Muslim immigration AND with deep ecology ecofascists to do?   Perhaps wait for a synthesis of both, and wait for Right Wing reactionaries and Left Wing activists to make a few more conclusions which bring them closer.

Until I read Rabbits introduction to the Alt-Left and saw that others have seen this political niche.  It takes quite an open mind to be simultaneously for Left Wing economics, sexually liberal and still have very un-PC views on race and immigration.

Despite the fact most people categorise me as "Right Wing", I chart as Left Wing on political surveys, and I don't think that the terms "right wing" and "left wing" are that suitable these days.  The bigger political battle really is that between the internationalists, who see humanity as a resource or some abstract society to be governed by administrations, and nationalists, who have their own inherited identity, and want a social and economic system for them, for their posterity.  It's between Cosmopolitan Globalists who are seeking to remould us as rootless individuals in a global society and Identitarians who want to maintain their own uniqueness, their own niche, who consider their own unique identity equally as valuable, of not more so, than shared humanness.  The modern "Left" and the ruling elite seem to share the same goals.  Your inner city effete liberal is pretty much pushing the very social organisation that billionaires and international finance want.  There was a time when people of the left side of politics stood with the working class against those who wanted to remould it for economic exploitation, but today the left side of politics seems to berate and harangue the working class for NOT accepting the national population engineering and remoulding to facilitate exploitation.

As stated in "Introducing the Alt Left", I would have more love for the right, if it weren't for their insistence on pointless traditionalism, often austere morality and frequent lapses to more mainstream Conservatism.  I wouldn't be against the Left if they dropped their self-hatred, ethno-masochism and fringe identity and sexual politics.  Surely there are others that share this view.

Let this be a blog for you.

This blog is for the environmentalist, anti-Laissez Faire Free Marketeers new age hippies who want to keep our own nation, for ourselves, and are willing to be as Politically Incorrect as need be.  This is for those who want a Swedish style progressive Social Democracy, but unlike the Swedes, realise that this won't come without a determination and will to maintain ourselves as the majority demographic, and be willing to say "no" to the millions of backwards third worlders who want to enter to exploit our economy.

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