Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Tribalism is the new black

The German Christmas market attack was performed by a refugee.  A 23 year old Pakistani "refugee".  It seems that every immigrant is called a "refugee" if they enter illegally.

Europeans may be noticing a pattern occurring here.  Hundreds of thousands of people enter Europe seeking a "better life" and a few of them seek to extinguish life instead.

But the point of this post isn't to yell about the dangers of unfettered immigration from the third world.  There are others who do that.

My interest is in the belief that people who that this generation, our generation, is somehow going to be the first generation to drop tribalism, and live together with the world in peace.  We seem to have come to the belief that we are at the end of history and the last man, and entering a new age, based on our values.  You know, those values which are progressive and better than those previous, regressive values.

Shame that it's every generation which thinks this.

Europeans, and the West in general is in a deep denial, and our comfortable decadent lifestyles has led to us believe that the churning violence of history has drawn to a close, and that a stasis lies ahead.

Not so.  The rise of China, the growing tension with Russia, and the growing cultural/ethnic war in Europe is evidence that the hand-crank of history is slowly turning again.  Human history has been plagued with violence and war, and so it will be in the future.

We thought we had a solution to end tribalism and create a progressive society, but we were mistaken, as everyone else who thought they had a solution was.

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