Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Anarcho-Capitalists... Cucks for the leisure class

AnCaps will hold simultaneously, the view that the wealth inequality in the world is just, and a result of the wealthy earning their money, and the poor not working or producing enough,and the view that the system we have is not true Capitalism, not true working Free Markets.

We therefore have a paradox.  If the system isn't a functioning "moral" Capitalist system as they see necessary, then the distribution of wealth should therefore not be optimal.  It would follow that any economic system which is considered sub-optimal, as AnCaps view our current system must therefore have as a result, improper allocation of wealth.

So where do these AnCaps believe the wealth is poorly distributed?  Almost always, the argument is that the rich are being hard done by for the benefit of the poor, which in the light of rising wealth inequality makes no sense.  You never hear an AnCap say that we don't have Free Markets and the result is the poorer people are getting a raw deal and the rich making off.  Even the anti-Corporate "Tea Party" types, who might rail against corporate welfare stop there.  They're concern ends precisely where their own tax dollars leave the picture.

There is a simpler explanation here.  That is, that pro-Capitalist activists are using, consciously or sub-consciously a form of motivated reasoning which results in a bias which leads them to adopt a belief that the true natural form that underlies human economics is the one that just happens to benefit the class of people they identify with (though not necessarily belong to).

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