Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The "Left Wing of the Alt Right" makes no sense

Robert Lindsay of Beyond Highbrow had renounced the "Left Wing of the Alt Right", though fortunately still has some good words about Rabbit, who belongs to that wing.  Although I had known about the Alt-Left since pretty much its inception, it was Rabbits article "A Clockwork Greenshirt" which convinced me that the Alt-Left was indeed closer to the views I held at heart, and he is in my opinion still Left wing, despite his views against immigration.  Not that being against immigration precludes someone from being Left, in fact, support of mass immigration is most keen with those of the economic Right.

Roberts position is basically that it makes no sense to be pro-Trump and claim to be Left, which I agree.  Up until shortly before the election, I had a begrudging admiration for the Alt-Right, at least in their ability to attack Social Justice Warriors, criticise Conservatives who sell out their country and support working Americans.  At some point, I had a little bit of hope that Trump would really change things up, but then, he's in real estate, and my experience is that people who make money from real estate are far, far from my preferred political ideology.  Could he be the first real estate magnate I could respect?

Evidently not.

Although I'm probably aligned closest with Rabbits wing, I wouldn't adopt the tag-line "Left Wing of the Alt Right".  That would imply that I'm Alt-Right, just economically left, which isn't the case.  The Alt-Right has turned out to be little more than post 1980's Republicanism with a more racist bent.  At best, its a tolerable alternative to Conservatism, at worst, the political equivalent of goatse.

Here is what I agree with the Alt-Right about

  • A sense of pride and desire to maintain Western civilisation.
  • Scepticism of multiculturalism and mass immigration.
  • Social Justice Warriors and Cultural Leftist has gone way too far.

That's about it.

I've seen many people outside of the Alt-Right take these views.  So why identify with the Alt-Right and associate with frog memes, allusions to killing Socialists by dropping them out of helicopters, chauvinism, Libertarianism, support of regressive socio-economic orders and all the other ugliness? Where does a "Left Wing" fit in here?  How does this fit in with continued support for Trump?  It's all very confused.  The Alt-Right and its closely related neo-reaction and dark enlightenment brethren would prefer to revert social progress that has been made.  Does this fit in with being a progressive?

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