Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Australian political party worth supporting?

Stop Selling Australia Party.

The name isn't good, but its objectives are.  It appears to be a father and son duo who are in the Real Estate industry, a fact which makes me quite sceptical.

The primary aim of the “Stop Selling Australia Party” is to prevent Australian freehold real estate and primary lands being sold off to foreign buyers and entities. The party believes land holding should only be allowed to foreign buyers and entities by a lease hold agreement as opposed to free hold title. Lease agreements reverting back to the Commonwealth at the end of their term.
This means that all land purchased by non-Australian residents would simply transfer back to the people of Australia at the end of the lease agreement.
Maintaining majority Australian ownership of agricultural & rural farmland is imperative to the long term stability of future Australian generations.
The reality is, that while residential property being sold to foreigners does make it more difficult, the local market is a far bigger factor, and the Real Estate Industry has done all it can do to keep families from being able to afford housing, hence my scepticism here.  Membership in the party would mean having a very limited, strict focus, and perhaps ignoring the real reason why we should oppose foreign ownership, because we want to own it instead.  If we can only afford to be renters, then it doesn't make that much of a difference if the landlord is Australian or Chinese.

Anything which draws more attention to this issue is welcome though.

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