Saturday, 4 March 2017

10 millions Chinese want to move to Australia

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TEN million wealthy Chinese want to move to Australia and the desire for an Aussie lifestyle is behind crowds buying in Melbourne’s most exclusive suburbs, experts say.
Suburbs close to private schools and the CBD were the most popular, with Toorak, Brighton, Hawthorn, Albert Park, Middle Park and Deepdene in high demand.

And 36,000 new apartments bought by foreign investors are currently being built — more than half of them in Melbourne and some of them wholly bought by foreigners.

For those of us born here wanting to own a piece of the Australian dream, this can only make things more difficult, not to mention making Melbourne even more of an Asian city.

Asian investment group CLSA presented research showing almost half of China’s 70 million wealthiest people wanted to emigrate, and 10 million had Australia in mind.

That doesn't equate to 10 million moving here, but it does equate to a lot of potential immigration.

Melbourne is becoming more and more an Asian city, and is becoming worse off for it. 

Walking down the CBD's streets doesn't feel like walking through my home city any more.  I've felt more at home walking through some European cities, than I down down Swanston St, our cities central thoroughfare.

Melbourne, Australia, apparently.
 Everyone wants a place they can call home.  A place where being themselves doesn't make one out of place.  A place where others share ones culture and history, where the architecture and culture which permeates the place is something personal, a history that means something.

Melbourne is ceasing to be this place.  More and more is it coming to resemble Hong Kong, not only in skyline but also in demography.  Apartment towers, to be bought by, and to accommodate, the millions of opportunistic Asians fleeing conditions of their own making, now sit where our history was.  Landmark pubs where Australians had met and enjoyed the evening for decades are now being demolished at a frightening pace, and that is just to accommodate a fraction of the potential millions.

Tolerance only goes so far, and the continued selling out of Australia in this fashion should have already surpassed Australia's allocated tolerance quota.

The question which remains isn't how to learn to tolerate and accept this, but how we can abort this trend and save our home, our living space.

We hope that the government will finally limit immigration and do what we pay them to do, and protect our nation from external forces, but if not, then this will have to be a task to be taken up by others, and they won't be so formal and diplomatic about it.

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